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Join The National Team

Are you a young person interested in criminal justice? Fill out our application to potentially join either our core or ambassador team and help us make a difference!


Fill out the JEP application to potentially become a member of our team of young activists!

The Application Process

  • 14-25 years old. 

  • A passion for criminal and racial justice.

  • Willing to commit at least 3 hours/week to the organization.

Eligibility Requirements

  • 13-26 years old

  • A passion for criminal and racial justice

  • Willing to commit at least 1 hour/week to the organization

  • Please refer to the departments below to find a department you would be interested in

Department Overviews

Look through JEP's different core and ambassador teams and see if any spark your interest!




The Outreach team plans events, fundraisers, webinars, and much more along with taking care of more organizational tasks for JEP such as onboarding newcomers. Members are able to join different task forces working on different projects. They may join multiple task forces or come up with an idea to start their own and work to implement it.

Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 1.39.14 PM.png

Social Media

The Social Media team will post consistent content on our three platforms: Instagram, Tiktok, and Twitter. Members are encouraged to have some graphic design or social media management experience, as well as a willingness to commit to designing a post and/or posting a TikTok on a weekly basis.



An exclusive, expanded department of individuals with experience doing research. They are responsible for finding the credible information needed for the social media platforms, website articles, independent research studies, and petitions. It includes 3 specific task forces: social media, current events summaries, and op-eds. Members of the research team should have experience in writing or research. 

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Graphic Design

A group of those experienced with graphic design to help with either of the following: 

  1. Designing our website,

  2. Designing the layout and graphics for the monthly newsletter being sent out, as well as other projects being undertaken

    1. Current projects: School Assembly Toolkit and an E-Book that will be coming out in a couple of months

  3. Designing new social media templates to be used on the social media accounts.



If you’d like to be an ambassador, you would be a lower-commitment member engaging in any campaigns or events hosted by the organization, and promoting Justice Education Project on your social media accounts. Setting up a club at your educational institution is also encouraged. 



The Finance team will be responsible for finding philanthropists and donors, as well as applying for grants, communicating with our fiscal sponsor, and coordinating/planning our monthly fundraisers.

Australian Parliament House


The Policy Team focuses on the legislative aspect of criminal justice, from federal resolutions to municipal law. Policy members will learn how to read bills, lobby, and communicate with legislators. Members will lobby either for or against criminal justice bills on the state and national level through campaigning, and by writing editorials or opinion essays. Members will attend periodic discussion and webinars with candidates to strengthen legislative understanding. 

Where We Are Located

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