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The first-ever criminal justice reform book catered towards us youth.

This book is created for beginner activists to gain a foundational understanding of the field of criminal justice activism. We aim to explain the foundations and flaws of the U.S. criminal justice system in a way that the everyday reader can easily digest. 

Included are 10+ interviews with professors and incarcerated individuals, definitions of key terms, and important moments in US criminal justice history. 

This book has been authored by the Justice Education Project and revised by the National Police Accountability Project, Equal Justice Initiative, and the Education Justice Project.​



"I'm so impressed! This is an incredible resource... congratulations and well done!"


“Impressive… I hope that this [book] ignites a real interest in passion among many young people to think carefully about these issues. You're the young minds and bodies that are going to overhaul the justice system forward.”

MIRIAM GOHARA, Professor at Yale Law School

“It's a valuable project, making this kind of information available to people at a younger age. I didn't get exposed to this until I was well into my adulthood. Thank you so much.”

AHMED LAVALAIS, Clinical Teaching Fellow at UC Berkeley School of Law

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