Across the United States, millions of youth are demanding change, condemning the long-existing systemic inequalities faced by marginalized communities and mobilizing support to further educate themselves and others. The power of youth activism has been evident in all movements, from the 1960s Civil Rights movement to the 21st century BLM movement.

     Thus, it is crucial for us to harness this power.

      Yet, in February of 2019, a MyVoice poll concluded that 56% of youth ages 14-24 said they knew little to nothing about the justice system. Socially active students still find difficulty in learning about the prison industrial complex and abolitionist stances due to the complex legal jargon in most resources. This stems from the fact that there are many criminal justice books targeted towards those involved in academia, but few are aimed towards introductory activists who need a foundational understanding to jumpstart their work and learning in the field. 

    Given that our generation will hold the future positions of power, it is imperative that they are empowered with the education that is needed to create significant change. We hope to engage this generation with a passion for justice,  and equip them with the basic information to create the change.